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LEADpiper has a new delivery option – send leads directly into recipient’s CRM

People who receive leads from LEADpiper can now “move” the lead they receive by email into their CRM with the push of a button. First-time user of the feature can enable this feature by providing a one-time authorization to connect with their CRM. The feature is currently available to users of Salesforce.com and OppTuna.

LEADpiper now provides auto-pilot option for use with trusted lead sources

Users of LEADpiper now have flexibility to process leads in different ways based on which source they come in from. Leads from trusted sources may optionally be sent out automatically as soon as they come in, using prescribed distribution rules. For others, leads can be queued up and qualified before distribution.

LEADpiper launches new service for Salesforce.com users

A new set of tools are now available to turn LEADpiper instantly into a lead distribution engine for Salesforce.com users. The one-time LEADpiper-Salesforce integration is fast, easy and secure. Users can control and limit the type of Salesforce leads that are to be distributed through LEADpiper, and have new Salesforce leads ready in LEADpiper for distribution every day. The new leads can also be pre-matched for qualified sales individuals automatically, using rules that the user controls.

Save LEADpiper “import schemes” to save time

LEADpiper users who routinely import spreadsheets from one or more sources can now save “import schemes” for future use. A saved scheme remembers which columns of the spreadsheet to keep and which to discard, and what names to give those to be imported. When a previously saved scheme is called back for a recurring import, it uses the stored information to make the import a one-click process. A saved import scheme can also be used to automatically add useful meta data to leads coming from a particular source, like a source name or a campaign name.

4theFile integration in OppTuna

Integration with 4theFile enables you to forward emails directly to an OppTuna issue or opportunity. more…

GlobalSpec Integration

Purplewire has developed a process for retrieving leads automatically from its customers’ accounts on the GlobalSpec portal. The new feature will be included in Purplewire’s upcoming public release of LEADpiper, a creative lead distribution software designed to simplify the life of the busy “lead administrator”. GlobalSpec is an engineering and technology search engine and data provider, and is a leading provider or quality “opt-in” engineering and technology leads.

The GlobalSpec integration in LEADpiper means that registered GlobalSpec users with LEADpiper accounts will find their leads automatically available in their LEADpiper queue, ready to distribute by market specialization and/or geographic location.

channelSUITE is now ready to power your Dealer Locater!

channelSUITE now offers multiple easy integration methods to get additional value out of its channel partner database. The new tools let channelSUITE customer leverage its channelADMIN partner database to drive the “dealer locater” feature on its company website, allowing their website visitors to find contact info for your partner locations in a specific geographic area. You can choose to provide search by country, by state/province in US or Canada, by US zip code (with a user-selectable search radius), and optionally filter search results by partner or location “tags” appropriate to your business (vertical specialty, product authorization, etc.). Multiple integration methods are provided ranging from simple (HTML iframe include) to fancy (AJAX inline content update or XML web service call).